Infinity  Quality Plan

1. General quality plan:for these unspecified on drawings

MIL 105E sampling plan(single sample)
         Inspection class:     AQL level
         Critical             0.4
         Major              0.65
         Minor              1.0
2. Special  inspection plan:including SPC,CPK,PFPA,Hundred Percent Inspection,etc.proposal according to customers’ requests are to be approved by general manager before applied.
3. Definition of inspection defect criteria:
 Criteria(CR):caused by systematic fault,incorrect material,insufficient strength or tool problem.When it happened the wehole production batch will be isolated right away and destroyed if necessary;in the meantime,find out the exact reasons.
 Major(MA):indivdual part  unworkable,not caused by systematic fault and the whole batch mistake,for example:over or under size on critical dimensions
 Minor(MI):defect does not interfere with function of product itself.For example:appearance defect,functionless dimensions deviations
4. QC standard &Documentation.
To follow ISO 9001 standard,inspection report and material certificate are provided in each shipment
5. Qcflow chart:
Order→QC plan→sample/PFPA→IQC→IPQC→FQC→Shipping

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