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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Do you provide prototype machining services?
    A: We provide prototype machining for products and include design verification services. We provide this for products that are headed for higher quantities and provide your with an easy transition to production.
  • Q: Can I set up blanket orders with multiple releases and shipment dates?
    A: Yes, we can setup your orders to ship as needed and we can accommodate blanket orders and releases.
  • Q: Can you accept drawings electronically?
    A: Yes, for your rapid response quote, please contact us.
  • Q: What industries do you provide CNC machining and production machining for?
  • A: We proudly serve a variety of industries including but not limited to: Oil & Gas, Aviation, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Medical & More. Click here to view our full list.

Infinity Quality Plan

1.General quality plan: for these unspecified on drawings

MIL 105E sampling plan (single sample)

Inspection class:          AQL level

Critical                        0.4

Major                         0.65

Minor                         1.0

2. Special inspection plan: including SPC,CPK,PFPA, Hundred Percent Inspection, etc. proposal according to customers’  requests are to be approved by general manager before applied.

3. Definition of inspection defect criteria:

*Criteria (CR) : caused by systematic fault ,incorrect material, insufficient  strength or tool problem. When it happened the whole production batch will be isolated right away and destroyed if necessary; in the meantime ,find out the exact reasons.

*Major (MA): individual part unworkable, not caused by systematic fault and the whole batch mistake, for example: over or under size on critical dimensions

*Minor (MI): defect does not interfere with function of product itself. For example: appearance defect, functionless dimensions deviations.

4. QC standard & Documentation.

To follow ISO 9001 standard, inspection report and material certificate are provided in each shipment .

5. QC Flow chart:

Purchase Order QC plansample/PFPAIQC IPQCOQCShipping/Warehousing

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